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Hey, it's me!

I'm featured on Google Student Blog in their Googlers Beta series! Tehe :)


Oct. 7th, 2009

I really, really dislike gates. And transistors.

I've been swimming in D-latches, mutiplexers for the last two hours, and I still don't understand how to implement a 16-bit shifter or the FSM on this homework.

Jul. 12th, 2009

I have an exquisite bruise from paintball. It looks like a bullseye on my leg.

Fourth of July

Happy fourth of July!

On Friday the 3rd, a small group of interns (Jeff, Kate, Tom, Mark, Andrew, Jo) and I drove up to Point Reyes for some hiking. I think there was also a third car going up, but we didn't hear from them so not sure if they ended up going or not.

On the way, our car (Mark, Andrew and I) stopped at Stinson Beach shortly to meet up with the car. Finding one another was crazy; we kept on calling back and forth with vague descriptions (You're near the people flying kites? There are people flying kites down the entire beach? Wait, are we on the same beach???)

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Last Friday I went indoor skydiving on an intern trip. The place we went, iFly, has a vertical wind tunnel in the center enclosed by clear plexiglass walls. There's a wire mesh floor where you step in; down below you can see a lot of metal machinery which (presumably) generates the wind upwards. The tunnel also extends upwards, though I never looked up to see how far it went.

General process though was: arrive, sign some waivers giving up my right to sue (yay), watch the previous group in the tunnel. Then my group got called: our "flight instructor" (fancy title there) was a guy named Ryan with an accent that was slightly difficult to understand. We watched a short video about the proper skydiving position, and also hand signals that would help adjust our position while in the tunnel: pointing up for 'lift your chin', two fingers straight for 'straighten legs', two fingers curled for 'bend your knees' and finally, the hang loose hand sign for 'relax' ;)

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San Francisco

Pictures from when I went up to San Francisco two weekends ago. Like the classic nerd I am, I visited the Exploratorium (which is surprising huge and awfully cool for a science museum) and then walked around Pier 39 to visit the sea lions and do tourist-y shopping. (I now have three hacky sacks that I shall use in my attempts to learn to juggle!)

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Google: Week 2 and 3


For the last two weeks I've been slowly settling into work. There's still a lot of puzzlement and swimming-through-code on my part; I feel behind already and I feel like I should have more done by now. What I need to do is get a higher level view of what I need to get done (milestones on my project have yet to be established), what my barriers are, and how to get past those barriers most efficiently -- whether it'll be asking a colleague or tracing through the code myself.


Week One: Part 2

Cross-posted @ http://incoherent-logic.blogspot.com/

Note: Writing comprises of my personal opinions and does not necessarily represent those of my employer or its employees. Also, there is a lot of stuff I'm not permitted to discuss, thus it has been ignored or omitted. :-)

June 1 - Google First Day!

Having walked the route the day before, I did not get lost walking to the Caltrain station Monday. (Insert happiness here!) Nooglers (new Googlers) were supposed to arrive for 8; my shuttle got there at 7:30-ish.

To kill time, I walked around the center of main campus -- the Googleplex is essentially several buildings that form a "main campus" cluster plus nearby satellite buildings. The outside of main campus is public access, so anyone can pretty much visit and look at:

- the dinosaur skeleton (dino is no longer pimp'd out with so many flamingos as of today...)
- list of (filtered) live searches, in Building 43's lobby
- volleyball court
- vegetable/herb garden, the produce gets used by the cafes
- I think from the public-area you can also see the treadmill pools :) (The 'swim' kind, not the pool with cue balls.)
- cafe seating area outside - you can see the colored umbrellas in the middle
^ Swiping image links from Google Image Search)

There is also a small nature trail adjacent to main campus. I took a brief stroll down there, and discovered a lot of real snails! Yes, the kind with a shell, and two antennae-thingies. I've never seen a proper snail like that in New York.

Anyways, around 8 I went back to the lobby and began orientation with a ton of other Nooglers. Some full-time, many interns. Set up accounts, got a badge, had breakfast. Met a few other interns, including one Ryan from Yale, an Andrew from Duke, a Mike from Columbia, another Andrew from WashU, a Seth from Bowdoin, a Charlie from Mexico... and I've forgotten the rest of the names by now.

After breakfast, we crowded into a large presentation room and were treated to a series of presentations (Google history, policies, blah blah). That was followed by lunch, then dreaded paperwork.


Week One: Part 1

Cross-posted @ http://incoherent-logic.blogspot.com/

Note: Writing comprises of my personal opinions and does not necessarily represent those of my employer or its employees. Also, there is a lot of stuff I'm not permitted to discuss, thus it has been ignored or omitted. :-)

Quick Facts:
Office - Google Mountain View
Team - Blogger
Position - Software Engineering Intern
Badge - check!
Noogler Hat - check!
Started working on code? - err, kind of!

Sunday May 31:
Woke up at 5am for my flight out of Albany International. Southwest is a particularly interesting airline: first, they allow two checked bags without additional fee (which is pretty awesome) and second, they don't assign seat numbers. Instead, you're in a "boarding group" and you just sit wherever you want.

Despite the early start, I was one of the last people to board but still got a nice window seat towards the front. My favorite part of plane rides: looking out the window and seeing the clouds below you. Pure awesomeness. Connection at Chicago Midway was smooth. I was in the first boarding group for this flight, so I grabbed a nice seat in the third row back. Strangely enough, two people (a mother and daughter) come and decide to crowd into my row, instead of picking any number of empty rows further back. (The pilot comes out and informs us that the plane seats 150 and there are only ~70 of us on the flight, why are we all squished in the front? ... That's what I was wondering too.)


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